Angela Chambers

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Angela Chambers is a US, Berlin-based avant pop artist. She appears here with her Waking Dreams, solo and other projects.
Askew is the second Waking Dreams album. Waking Dreams comprises of singer Angela Chambers and musician and producer Jason Letkiewicz.

Angela and Jason, having played in various other bands from 2012, immediately had a strong music connection and realized that it should be taken to the next level. In 2018, they recorded their first album in Berlin, followed by a European and a US tour in 2019. Waking Dreams released their debut album ‘Askew’ on June 1st, 2020.

The album Askew is available now as an NFT.

What you get when you buy the Askew NFT Album:

  • At the moment, you just get the music 🙂 Hey, but that’s not nothing, is it?