An indieberlin announcement for every artist living in a unique space in Berlin


Are you a Berlin-based artist living in a unique space and willing to share a sneak peek of your home? The Italian photographer Alessandra, a.k.a. Ale in Wonderland, is looking for you for her project “SOULS IN A BOX”! To get the idea, read her interview below and visit

ib: What is SOULS IN A BOX?

SOULS IN A BOX is a photography and anthropology project that draws insight from people’s lives focusing on their own personal authentic living spaces. Every box is a collection of memories, dreams, obsessions, hopes and points of view. This is a reportage about special people and their stories as well as a big window on our contemporary world.

ib: What is the purpose of this project?

To show how different spaces can represent people’s personalities, but especially, to explore a contemporary and extraordinary generation from the “inside” and through many different lives.

ib: What kind of people are you looking for?

I am looking for artists based in Berlin and living in a very unique-authentic-creative Box, i.e. house, room, van, lab, studio etc. They will need to pose in 15 pictures, which will take about two hours time. I’m looking forward to meeting people from any nationality, social extraction, culture, or art stream.

To contact Alessandra send her email at!


Written by: Kiira Koskela

Photo art by: Ale in Wonderland