indieberlin visits // Mindpirates Art Porn Week


Believe it or not, porn isn’t all sexist, gross and distasteful. Many short films and artistic works feature erotic expressions and creativity which parallel contemporary art. Last week some of Berlin’s most loved art enthusiasts, Mindpirates set up a whole week of images, sounds, lighting, textures and intensities, which showcased a curated program of films, performances, workshops, discussions, readings and live music in order to interact with their audience in a pornographic art experience.

Everything seemed tasteful and inviting, which is exactly the type of atmosphere you would want while watching porn with strangers (and friends). Artists from several countries worldwide created a welcoming and engaging experience, blurring the line between art and pornography. The exhibition space was dimly lit creating a red-light district type of feeling, while people wandered around in a type of daze; I can only assume this is normal for anyone who watches porn continuously for a week. 

Even if this your isn’t really your thing, it is a great idea to open minds and create a safe environment to enjoy erotic and pornographic art without feeling shame or judgement. For more info on future events and exhibitions visit