Berlin Burlesque Week #3: Essential, quintessential burlesque and a giant penis, it’s the Full Moon Cabaret!

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The wild, the whit and the full-blown madness. A night of flawless burlesque. The Full Moon Cabaret lives up to its reputation.

Down a quiet alleyway off Mehringdamm and up three flights of stairs, Freudenzimmer is well hidden away, but tonight’s fierce performers were far from demure.

Nipple tassels, feathers, sequins, glitter, stockings, lace and all things beautifully feminine were the evening’s aesthetic. You felt like you’d stepped back into Hollywood in the 1930’s. And each performer exuded elegance and extravaganza bringing the audience into whirls and shrieks with their hilarious and glamorous acts. Viva LaMore hosted the night with ferociousness and sass.

Milena Zara full moon cabaret burlesque indieberlin

The rest of us looked on, terrified this enormous penis tumble to its peril at any moment…

Originally a New Yorker, now a permanent Berlin resident and regular burlesque performer, Viva introduced the lineup: Golden Treasure, Anja Pavlova, Kim Khaos, Fifi Fantôme, and finishing with the glorious Lolita VaVoom. All brought a variety of fierce and empowering performances of femininity, humour and spectacle. (Ed. Special mention to Lolita for organising indieBerlin’s week!)

The theatrical affair finished off with Viva Lamore single handedly directing the audience into a synchronised Maypole dance. Not your average maypole: this was a suitably sexual 8 foot penis of a Maypole (impressively, and craftily handmade). About 30 members of the audience wove in and out holding brightly coloured material, spinning around the penis. The rest of us looked on, terrified that this enormous phallic construction tumble to its peril at any moment.

Milena Zara full moon cabaret burlesque indieberlin

And it was Donna Summer’s ironically sensual “I love to love you baby” that played, whilst this erotic & spectacular finale brought the night to a close. A night of hilarity, extravagance and class: essentially, quintessentially burlesque.


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