Bob Slayer, ex Snoop Dogg manager and now famed comedy genius, hits town. One to not miss!


Bob Slayer is stopping off in town to give us some of his finest comedy antics. Somewhere between standup comedian, cabaret stripper, cunning stunt man and creepy Santa impersonator, this act is totally from space and he is already a legend of London’s alternative comedy scene.

He used to be a Rock’n’roll tour manager, not least known for looking after Snoop Dogg and other comparably huge artists. One night he was looking after the Blood Hound Gang, and there was a biiiiiig problem backstage. They threw him — the tour manager — on stage to entertain the audience for 20 minutes. That’s how Bob’s career as a comedian began. A few years down the line, he’s won an armful of alternative comedy and fringe awards.

Bob Slayer is not just a happy-slapdash architect of disaster and hilariousness. He’s also a curator, enabler, and mover and shaker of the creative community and individual artists. For example, it was his idea for me to write a book. Over the years he’s looked after so many artists, it boggles the mind. YouTubers, writers, musicians, comedians, illusionists, you name it: he’s launched them. He sets up creatives with one another, and sets up creative ways to make stuff happen when the conventional doors are screechy and closed. A vibrant embodiment of awesome indie at its best, never ending source of unexpected ideas. He’s gone from being thrown on stage gasping for air, to being an award-studded act with his own solo tour in just a few years, so he’s doing something right. Come and meet Bob Slayer on Wednesday, 12th November 2014.

VENUE : BAR 1820, Rosa-Luxemburg-Straße 41, 10178, Berlin, Germany

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