The British Shorts Film Festival 2013


Berlin’s annual Berlinale is about to begin, but  on a different note, let’s mention another film festival that has been creating buzz around Berlin: The British Shorts Film Festival.

This small wonder has grown quite a bit since it’s 2007 debut. The festival has blossomed into a multi-genre, 4 day extravaganza of short film, complete with it’s first retrospective, concerts, exhibitions and workshops. An array of carefully selected films from around the world make their debut here, thanks to organizer Jürgen Fehrmann and his crew. 

A retrospective of BAFTA nominee Robert Morgan’s work, some chilling horror shorts and several quirky documentaries were a few highlights of the festival. Most films seemed to be quite popular, the theatre was packed at every screening I went to; people didn’t even mind using a few fold-out chairs to be able squeeze in. At the end of the festival they even have a viewers choice awards ceremony, where the most popular films are awarded. Among the screenings there were some interesting performances by artists such as  the eccentric Marzipan Marzipan, and Berlin-natives Sorry Gilberto. Given the popularity of the festival it will be interesting to see what happens as it grows and expands in years to come.