Closing Party twenty-second teasers: Mia Morris, photographer and matriarch of indieBerlin

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Photography, PR and parenting are all about putting others in the limelight. It’s about time our multi-talented Mia Morris got some attention.

That’s what the free indieBerlin Closing Party will be all about: a huge celebration of the nHow exhibition’s three featured photographers. Mia’s the first to answer our questions:

I did actually get into burlesque once…

What’s the best memory that these photos capture for you?


If I had to gather them to one memory I’d say it’s the vibe and feel of going out in the evening to see a band. The energy of the musicians, the vibing with the audience, the hanging out and enjoying music in a relaxed way. And I have the good fortune to capture a bit of it on camera. Bliss.

Gemma Thompson © Mia Morris

You shoot burlesque as well as music. Have you ever wished you were the other side of the camera, up on stage?

I did actually get into burlesque because I joined one of Lady Lou’s Burlesque classes. The people and the art of burlesque immediately won my heart and I did toy with the idea of going on stage. But then I’m rather a behind the scenes person.

To capture a bit of it on camera, bliss…

Concert photography doesn’t pay well. Why do you keep doing it?

Funny you should say that… Yeah, I don’t think I’d be able to live off it. But I enjoy photographing and I enjoy having those memories of the gigs too. Also I’m fond of showing what’s going on in Berlin in so many different ways.

The first fifty guests at the party (nHow gallery, 19. May) receive a free copy of the indieBerlin yearbook! View the facebook event page here.

Hundreds live im Waschhaus Potsdam indieBerlin Mia Morris

Hundreds © Mia Morris


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