German comedian Christian Schulte-Loh on Strictly Stand-up, booze and bribes


Christian Schulte-Loh is a German comedian, an international stand-up act who has performed in clubs and at festivals in more than twenty countries in both English and German. Polly Trope caught up with him and asked him stuff. Here are the results:

indieberlin: Comedy is the new rock’n’roll, they say…thoughts?

Christian Schulte-Loh: Proper rock stars are topless on stage. You wouldn’t want to see most comedians topless. But I guess you’re right, some things are quite similar. Just like rock stars us comedians spend most time on the road, we have late nights and we like booze. I guess after listing those three things, I would say: comedy isn’t the new rock ‘n roll. It’s the new truck-driving.

Comedy isn’t the new rock ‘n roll. It’s the new truck-driving.

indieberlin: What’s happening on November 4th?

Christian Schulte-Loh: It’s the 9th edition of Strictly Stand-up, Berlin’s biggest English comedy night. As usual we fly in three pro comics, this time they’re from Sweden, Ireland and Canada. We also have one very funny local act on the show.
I’m the curator and host, so I’m a bit like Sepp Blatter: I take the bribes and decide who will be on the show. Very soon I won’t be indie at all anymore, I’ll be filthy rich. Keep the bribes coming, people!

I’m a bit like Sepp Blatter: I take the bribes and decide who will be on the show.

indieberlin: Care to share some themes or specialty subjects of your show?

Christian Schulte-Loh: It’s different every time, as the acts always change. But they are all very funny people. They’ve all done festivals and television and all that. And they come to deliver 20 minutes each. Twenty minutes of their comedy gold. It’s going to be a golden night! Gold, you hear me? Bribes, anybody?

indieberlin: How do you navigate the space between German and English languages, audiences and performances?

Christian Schulte-Loh: I sometimes feel like a double agent. I have to make sure my brain doesn’t get the two identities confused. That would make me look slightly stupid on stage. It’s all about knowing what situation you’re in. I’m glad I just have to get my languages right. Double agents also need to remember to carry the right passport and wedding ring. I’d be terrible at that. I’d have to bribe my way out of those situations.

indieberlin: indieberlin is all about the indie artists. we want them to do better at whatever it is they are already doing. Any words of advice from a pro?

Christian Schulte-Loh: Try to master your craft by working as often as you can. Surround yourself with people who are better than you. Don’t read reviews or internet comments. Uh, and make sure you bribe the right people. Can you print my bank details?

Strictly Stand-up is a regular comedy night in English at the Quatsch Comedy Club at Friedrichstrasse 117 in Mitte, featuring an ever-changing line-up of international comedians and moderated by Christian Schulte-Loh.