The Haus – a short-term wonderland

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Have you heard about TheHaus yet? You better be quick, for this amazing art installation in 108 rooms on five floors of an old bank building right by the zoo will only exist for two months – then the wrecking ball will wipe it all away forever. Or in their own words: TheHaus was created to be destroyed. So make sure to seize the moment while you still can.

It’s hard to describe the immersive experience of walking through the mazes and visual feasts, through forests and subway tunnels, neon lights and underwater caverns, and since visitors are asked to put their phones in plastic bags and refrain from taking pictures, you’ll have to go and see for yourselves. There’s bound to be something for everyone’s tastes and sensibilities, for a whopping 165 artists from Berlin and all over the world have come together to create this total work of art. Every available surface has been utilized, from the hallways and staircases to the bathrooms. And as for the actual ‘art rooms,’ you find stuff ranging from color explosions and paintings only visible in UV light to experiments in perception and stereoscopic vision to political commentary – there’s really everything there, crammed into one place for a limited time. Aliens and a pink Nefertiti head, echoes of Trump and Orwell and native American resistance, a tank coming out of a living room cabinet, sand and gravel, moss and leaves and trees, graffiti galore, mirrored tiles and a claustrophobic prayer room … are you still reading? What the hell is wrong with you, get your ass over there, but be advised that you may have to stand in line: In its first week of existence, TheHaus has already been extremely popular. I know I will go back there a few more times before it’s gone …

The deets: THE HAUS – BERLIN ART BANG, Nürnbergerstrasse 68/69, 10787 Berlin

Open: Tuesday to Sunday  // 10.00 am to 8.00 pm – last entrance between 18.30-19.00 // Pay what you want, there’s a donation box at the exit. You can also buy a book that gives you all the art and the stories behind it (30 Euros, available at the exit).

More on their website.


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