“I think we can all agree my life is a Rock’n’Roll Circus” Trinity Sarratt interviewd by indieberlin


1. First can you tell us a little about yourself? Where are you from, when did you first come to Berlin and what made you stay? I was born in San Francisco, and grew up in the Bay Area. I went on a back-packing trip in 1998 and never went back, feeling immediately at home in Berlin, finding friends for life, and my place on this planet.

2. You sing in a few bands and help run the Bassy and organize Pinky’s Peepshow – tell us more about these projects? I currently have 4 bands including Kamikaze Queens, Cry Babies, Runaway Brides and Trixie Trainwreck No Man Band- my latest solo project. Each band is different and develops different aspects of my personality, and musical abilities…Kamikaze Queens is more on the punkrock-performance side of things; I play rhythm guitar & sing duets with my boyfriend, Lloyd Clark in the Cry Babies; play drums & percussion and sing harmonies in Runaway Brides; and put myself to the test performing solo on guitar & drums as Trixie Trainwreck No Man Band, playing original songs that don’t neccessarily fit to any of the other bands.

I also organise, book, promote, and produce Pinky’s Peepshow once or twice a month featuring international burlesque, cabaret, and rock’n’roll acts, and have started dabbling in DJing… And I book and host The Great Country Swindle every Monday at the Bassy Club.

2. So you created the wonderful term The Berlin Rock’nRoll Burlesque Circus – what does that emotionally mean to you? Oh, hmm..thats a little controversial- Pinky’s Peepshow has a different theme every month- Last month it was “Pinky’s Peepshow Rock’n’Roll Circus” – not to be confused with The Teaserettes “Rock’n’Roll Burlesque Circus” – they were not amused at our version of this, which is completely understandable – but as I said we change the them every month, and I certainly did not create the term- I have been wanting to do a Rock’n’Roll Circus since the first time I saw the Rolling Stones version…It’s really nothing new. It was just one theme for one night as far as the Burlesque part in concerned- in general I think we can all agree my life IS a Rock’n’Roll Circus.

3. How did the idea for Pinky’s Peepshow first come about? Pinky’s Peepshow started in 2012 with Christopher Rose and I at the Bassy Club in 2012. It was a rough concept of Burlesque, Cabaret & Strange and Unusual performances set in a loungy atmosphere during the week. It started as a small and intimate weekly event and has since grown into a debaucherous monthly bash of Rock’n’Roll mayhem in the main room with international performers, bands, and diverse DJ’s, and changing themes…Hosted and produced by Fez Wrecker and I.

4. Can you describe the concept? Rock n roll, burlesque, performance, music….? Burlesque, Cabaret & Rock’n’Roll!!! 

5. What’s your relationship to the burlesque scene? I am a fan, and an enthusiast you could say. Being a booker and a musician, I have found ways to integrate all these elements into one and have fun doing it.

6. In Bassy (and White Trash) you see a lot of the Burlesque Crowd – would you say it has changed over the last years? In what way? It has just grown and grown, and seems to keep growing. The costumes are getting better, the performances more interesting, lots of competition out there!

7. Do you think there’s a connection between the Burlesque scene that’s going on in Berlin today and the whole cabaret scene in the 1920sI think Berlin always has been and always will be Berlin. Some sort of magnet for creative minds and souls who flock here in the masses and let it all out on stage. The 20’s seemed to be in some ways wilder than it is now- but then again, it’s still pretty %^$#ing nuts.

8. You’re known for your wild stage performance with your band the Kamikaze Queens (among others) – could you consider yourself a Burlesque performer? Can you see yourself taking the stage at the Peepshow? I do like to put on a show, but I would not consider myself a Burlesque performer in any shape or form for the simple fact that I don’t have the balls to undress on stage- If there ain’t boobs- it ain’t Burlesque! As much as I respect and adore the art of tease, I prefer to stay on the organisation, and musical side of things.

9. What are your favorite clubs in Berlin besides the Bassy? I spend so much time at the Bassy, and on tour that I rarely have time to go to other clubs, but I will always love the Wild at Heart, CCCP, Roadrunners Paradise, Roter Salon, and Wowsville.

10. Do you have a wish or a vision for the Berlin Rock’n’Roll Burlesque Circus? Keep it real, keep it fun, don’t get your panties in a bunch!