indieberlin interview with multi-disciplinary artist Dylan Bakker, co-curator of the experimental lounge gape


Dylan Bakker is a multi-disciplinary artist from NZ , creating in Berlin since 5 years with the help of a Dutch passport and a good group of friends. His practice includes music, screen printing, video and photography. contains much more information.

gape is a once monthly experimental lounge – a performance night and one night only exhibition at the amazing and expansive Plateau Gallery in Greenhouse, Neukolln. The first iteration will take place on 18 October, then every third Saturday of the month until March!

ib: where are you from? And how come you are curating an art night in Berlin? I’m from my mother in the physical sense. Star dust in the cosmic sense. New Zealand is written on one of my passports, Netherlands on the other.

Together we are 4 curator creators, Maria De Faria, Michiyasu Furutani, Marie Klinke and me. We have all worked together on various performance and organizational projects in different constellations. This time it is right to bring it together inside the Plateau Gallery space at Greenhouse Neukolln. How come? Because life is short, and life is beautiful, and there are questions to be asked.

ib: what is the gape project? gape is our experimental playground, a chance to pool the resources of Berlin’s vast experimental improvisational art scene and to create a lasting memory over 6 months. One Saturday per month from October 2014 to February of 2015, gape will expose audiences to 4 hours of cutting edge experimental improvised live performing arts, as well as onenightonly exhibitions, installations, video works and live music.

Each month a selected visual artist’s work will be exhibited and translated into original pieces by performing artists and musicians.

gape provides a new platform for genre defying contemporary works, offering artists an expansive platform in space to present, network and collaborate, and offering audiences the complete immersive experience inside Berlin’s marvelous art lounge, Plateau Gallery.

Also, after all 6 events are done, we will publish a book of photography and text based around all the performances.

It’s a non profit, artist funded event and it could go anywhere.

ib: you are curating an exhibition with Kurihara Takuya and different musical performances – what can we expect of the night? As well as musical performances there will also be dance and live video performances, a small bar and a couple of open terraces. Kuri’s infinitely detailed abstract painted works and drawings will be on the walls, and performances staged across the huge space. We can expect raw and refined artistic vision and the chance to dream while staying awake. But I recommend leaving your expectations in the elevator and taking the stairs.

ib: How did the different artist come together? We are a group of curators from different corners of the globe and different edges of Berlin. Various dance, music and performance projects pulled us together, and now we seek to expand the family through cross-fertilization and creative polyamory. We want to meet people we don’t know yet.

ib: In your opinion what are the particularities of the berlin art scene? I’m not swimming in any other pools so I can’t give too much insight into that at this time.

ib: an artist is someone who____? Paints lines in the sand despite the approaching tide.

Thank you!

Interview by Mia Morris