indieberlin’s photo video collage of 2013 – thank you – merry christmas and a happy new year!


See our little video with impressions of our year including Sohn, Bryan Adams, Travis, The / Das, Yasmine Gate, Rolando Villazon, Lady Lou, Echo Me, Me And My Drummer, Go Go Berlin, Marlene von Steenvag, Erochica Bamboo, Thea Hjelmeland, Man Behind Tree, Kitty Solaris, Savages, Jack Woodhead, Raciello, Noel Maurice, Red Ink, Bonfyah, Waves Of Joy, Darling Boy, Marla Blumenblatt, Roxy Diamond, Sebastian Lindt, Alin Cohen, Champagne Sparkles, Lilly Tiger, Scotty Blue Bunny Grabell, Minitimer Katzenposter, Bunny Suit, Charlotte Kühn, Von Wegen Lisbeth, Bana Banal, Amber Vanilla, Jade, La Rubinia, Mia Morris and lots of love.

Thank you everybody for joining us on our journey through the 2013 yonder!

We wish you a happy christmas, stay good and if not have fun and have a wonderful new year 2014.

Mia and Noel

Music by Noel Maurice