Mistaken for Strangers: Not Only The National


Mistaken for Strangers is supposedly a documentary about that plucky underground band The National who are now huge. Lead singer Matt Berninger’s little brother Tom, slacker extraordinaire, gets invited along as roadie and decides to shoot a documentary while he’s there. The film is of course not in the end about the band at all, they and the tour end up forming the backdrop of the film which ends up being really about Tom, the slacker brother, and his relationship to Matt, his older rock star brother. Hailed as the funniest film about the music business since Spinal Tap, Mistaken for Strangers is in the end a celebratory, feelgood film about brothers, about making a documentary and vaguely about a modern day rock band on tour.
Definitely one to check out: 10th of July on the big screen in Germany!. Here’s the trailer and here’s a link to their facebook site! Also sign up to our newsletter – we’re soon going to raffle 2×2 free tickets for the film – don’t miss out!