Pilates with a Blue Bunny and Burlesque with the Queen of the Quiver


The new Berlin Burlesque Academy has opened their doors and the first run of classes takes places as I write this. In fact I was happy to be able to take part in the first run and so I have to let you knwo about it. I mean I will tell you how it was and then you will decide to try it out for yourselves. Ready? Here we go. 

I went to a Pilates Lesson in the Berlin Burlesque Academy and, well, didn’t quite know what to expect from “Pilates for Performers” with Scotty the Blue Bunny… Hadn’t done Pilates before – nor been taught by blue bunnies – nor was I a performer or especially fit.

I was really impressed with how simultaneously professional and easy-going Scotty was. He made everyone feel very welcome and at the same time imparted a real spirit of teaching in a performing arts academy, and this really got everybody to give that extra bit and work up a good sweat while learning something too.

When I went to the Burlesque lesson with La Viola Vixen I also wasn’t sure what to expect. I had been to other Burlesque lessons before and had always very much enjoyed the celebration of female sexiness and the sisterhood vibe of the lessons. But that had been in another school and since burlesque and teaching depend so much on who does it I just couldn’t really imagine how it could be.
It started with a more fitness-oriented warming up, and then we quickly came to some sexy moves – wooohooo! We did – or tried – the shimmy shakes, the bumps and the grinds. All the ladies enjoyed themselves immensely and I think we all felt pretty sexy in our heels and fish net tights, rolling our hips.
You could really see that Viola does this for the passion of doing it – sparkles in her eyes, naughty giggles and a wise little wink when she tells us of how you might touch yourself coincidentally where your partner might want to touch you too.

I look very much forward to taking part in Marlene von Steenberg’s class and seeing how she does things…..all very exciting and very much to recommend!!

The Berlin Burlesque Academy

Dieffenbachstr. 33

10967 Berlin-Kreuzberg


Article and photos by Mia Morris