Scotty the Blue Bunny in interview – “I focus on the drama”


Berlin has a new Burlesque Event coming up: The BIG Tickle, produced by the showgirls Champagne Sparkles and Lilly Tiger, it promises a lot of fun, glitter, parodie and well a BIG host: Scotty the Blue Bunny. We asked the “gay man in a sparkly blue spandex rabbit costume and transparent stilettos” (The list) a couple of questions to warm you up for the show on 16th of October.

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indieberlin: You are performing all over the world and are now based in Berlin. How did you enter the stages of Berlin?

Scotty the Blue Bunny: When they play my music, I go on!

scotty_the_blue_bunny_dynamite_indieberlinFor me, it’s all performance

indieberlin: You are involved in a lot of Burlesque shows – what is the art of Burlesque to you?

Scotty the Blue Bunny: I look at Burlesque the same way I look at any other performing genre. It’s theater. Funny, sad, tragic, or sexy, there has to be drama. Some people focus on the stripping, but I focus on the drama. For me, it’s all performance.

indieberlin: As “a seven-foot tall tower of shimmery spandex and attitude!” (DNA Magazine) being a blue bunny you’re quite a striking presence. What was one of the funniest remarks someone made about you?

Scotty the Blue Bunny: Well, the most popular question is “why” am I dressed like that. I tell people it’s so no one can tell I’m losing my hair!

bunny ears became my trademark for almost 20 years

indieberlin: How did you become the character of “Scotty the Blue Bunny”?

Scotty the Blue Bunny: HA! I’ll spare you the autobiography and simply say it was a result of moving to New York City in the late 1980’s. Before contemporary burlesque, there was a great atmosphere of experimental circus mixed in with all the club kids of New York. The international glamour party scene also included artists from the Coney Island Sideshow by the Seashore. I was playing with drag at the time, but would later join the Bindlestiff Family Cirkus. All the nightclub freaks, sword swallowers, fire eaters and drag queens naturally supported my idea to try out any costumed curiosity, but one fluke turn in bunny ears became my trademark for almost 20 years.

scotty_the_blue_bunny_teleskope_indieberlin1indieberlin: What would you say makes the cultural scene here typical Berlin?

Scotty the Blue Bunny: It’s so international you could choke. Other than that, glitter and candle wax.indieberlin: And what can we expect from the BIG Tickle, that you’ll be hosting on the 16th of October?

Scotty the Blue Bunny: It’s going to be a great night of comedy. How funny is that? I can’t remember anyone promoting a funny strip show. I think the partnership between Champagne Sparkles and Lily Tiger is strangely complementary. I can’t wait to see what kind of goofy near-naked surprises they are cooking up. Anyone who knows those ladies knows they love the silly-nudie-patootie. See? it’s already starting! Sometimes burlesque shows can have a severe vibe to their marketing, but we really are one large whackadoodle family. The Big Tickle is a chance for performers to be sexy in a silly way so all the noodley fools can see the booblie-boos! Have I made myself clear?

indieberlin: Do you have a recommendation / tip for rookies in show business?

You’re not nervous, you’re excited.

indieberlin: Where can we see you after the BIG Tickle?

Scotty the Blue Bunny: In bed darling. All day.

Thanks for the interview and we’ll see you at the BIG Tickle, 16th of October!

All photos: Elsa Quarsell, interview by Mia Morris