The Second Berlin Burlesque Festival at Wintergarten – image film by indieberlin


Last weekend was a highlight in the calendar. There was something about Germany rejoining itself or something but this was hopelessly overshadowed by the Berlin Burlsesque Festival which took place from Thursday to Sunday at the Heimathafen Neukolln and Wintergarten. indieberlin was invited along to film the event and interview some of the performers and boy did we have a whale of a time!
We were lucky enough to be at the first BBF which took place last year and the event is well on its way to establish itself as one of Berlin’s hottest annual nights. Producers of the show Marlene von Steenvag and Elsie Edelstahl are two girls with loads of experience who definitely know how to throw a party! Elsie is also known for founding and running Boheme Sauvage, a well-known 20s-tinged variete show which started in Berlin but is now an ongoing nationwide event, while Marlene, elegance personified and everyone’s darling, co-runs the Berlin Burlesque Academy and is a regular and much-loved fixture in the Berlin burlesque scene.
And the Wintergarten, where we went to catch the show, must be the perfect venue for a show of this kind, with its retro red velvet vibe and bucketfuls of chutzpah.

In the video you’ll see Erochica Bamboo (who was hugely instrumental in starting the Japanese burlesque scene), Bunny Galore (who flew over from Denver, fresh from performing at Vegas, for the night), Eva Champagne (a Saint Pauli native and Hamburg star down for the weekend), Marlene von Steenvag, Sarah von den Vielenregen (bringing her red hair, red feathers and a little red light feel over from Amsterdam), Miss Natasha Enquist with a post-modern accordion show; the MC to end all MCs, the brillaintly camp and very sparkly Mr Reuben Kaye who kept the jokes running through the night, Lou on the Rocks from the snowy tops of Switzerland, Miss Anne Thropy from France, Yvonne Haug with her special brand of pole acrobatics, magnificent Marlene Kiepke, spinning on threads from the roof, and Ginger Synne with her fire performance burning up the night.

Article by Noel Maurice
Recording and mix by Ali @
Filmed and edited by A. L. Palmer of
Music: “Chinese Blues (1916, George Gershwin piano roll)” by Moore and Gardner (