Toast Hawaii – new designer market opens its doors this weekend in P’Berg

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IndieBerlin: What is the market about?

The market as well as the whole location will be a mixture of fairy-tale / circus freakshow, apocalypse now, coupled with high class fashion, new trends and much heart blood.
IndieBerlin: What is so special about the market compared to other design markets?

It’s turned into an extremely unorthodox concept! During the day, an indoor designer market in the Camden Town style followed by a barber shop and a seamless transition into a party night in the sense of the legendary Studio 54. A darkly colorful fairground of the colors and emotions, also during the day bands, DJs and creative-wild people. Enjoy and experience.
IndieBerlin: How did you get to the market?

We have already established our circus bar “Zum Starken August” quite well and now wanted to create another playground, where the possibility of dancing and celebrating is included. In addition, we have many friends in our environment who are based in the fashion industry. Burlesque, cabaret, variety and performances are also of great interest to us; So we sit almost at the source for special outfits and garments.

From the mix of our passion for gastronomy and style; Paired with the punk spirit and always looking for something new – the idea came to the toast Hawaii.

During the day, an indoor designer market in Camden Town Style followed by Barbetrieb and a direct seamless transition to Partynacht in the sense of the legendary Studio 54.

IndieBerlin: What kind of stands do visitors expect?

A colorful mix is ​​supposed to be something of every & for everyone … by Fashion; Fancy clothing / jewelery / accessories, art in a very different form, to unusual home accessories, as well as high quality second hand items.
Berlin: Are you aligned to Berlin Deisnger or are they coming from everywhere?

At the moment, there are many registrations coming from Berlin, but if someone would like to present and sell his stuff from far away, they are also very welcome!
IndieBerlin: And will there be snacks and food stands?

As Alexander Marcus sang: “Toast Hawaii tastes good to everyone!” … next to the other small snacks, there will also be delicious, different creations in addition to the toast Hawaii in its “original form”
indieberlin: Where is the inspiration coming from you?

From the circus (one of the founders is from a circus family), from a wild mix cult films, ideas, brought by travels, fairy tales, dreams and nightmares
IndieBerlin: How big is the team behind the market?

We are a handful of creative people from the very different areas. What is lacking in reason is made up of SuperPowerNeo forces and love for art and the project.
IndieBerlin: Who is behind the Toast Hawaii project?

Behind the project “Toast Hawaii” and also the market are the creative minds and heart men, already known by controversial projects of the agency and the circus bar “Zum Starken August”
Indieberlin: What do you want for this market?

That we can fill the market every day with life, laughter and love. All are welcome to take a tour of our “dungeon of art”, to marvel, to eat, to drink and to celebrate with us.
Indieberlin: And why Prenzlauer Berg?

Because the circus bar “Zum Starken August” is just around the corner and we have the idea to offer a tuk tuk shuttle service with Minidisco for our guests, to make a pace between the locations fun and of course also to the creatives back again In the P mountain, about as it was to the wedding about 20 years ago.
Indieberlin: Is this the first market of this kind that you are building?

Indieberlin: What does indieBerlin mean to you?

We have some common things – like you, we are interested in art in all its forms, music, fashion & lifestyle. A regular look into your blog is always worthwhile and we look forward to reading the Toast Hawaii soon! 😉

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