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Viola Vixen, highly praised Australian Queen of the Quiver and Burlesque Bombshell has been active in the Burlesque world since 2006. She has moved to Berlin in 2012 where she has given the Berlin Burelsque scene an extra touch of glitter.

But also business wise, this starlette is stirring the place up: as founder of The Shimmy Shake Berlin Burlesque School and co founder of the former Berlin Burlesque Academy. She is co-producing the monthly Sunday Soirée, The Shimmy Shake Show and now also the Berlin Burlesque Week!

We had a glamour explosion and nice little chatt with Viola Vixen about Burlesque, Berlin and of course the soon to come Berlin Burlesque Week!

We interviewed her just for you – so enjoy:

“Berlin and burlesque both have rebel hearts. They are a match made in heaven”

indieberlin: What can we expect from the Berlin Burlesque Week 2016?

Viola Vixen: ALOT! We have jam packed the absolute maximum amount of burlesque shows, soirees, workshops, networking events, burlesque community events and of course our grand gala in to these 9 days. Its going to be a showcase of the amazing wild and diverse burlesque which is unique to Berlin.

indieberlin: In what way is this event different from a burlesque festival?

Viola Vixen: So the main thing that separates the week from a festival is that it is not booked by 1-2 people for especially produced events for a ‘festival’.

La Viola Vixen in hot burlesque outfit posing The week is comprised of the usual events that run in Berlin programmed together over 9-days. The only event we are producing especially just for the week is the Gala Spectacular on Saturday 7th.

The concept is to create a huge burlesque explosion all over the city

So we can celebrate our existing scene and share our events with not only our regular supporters but also a new larger audience!

indieberlin: Tell us a little bit of what it’s like behind the scenes, with so many different artists and producers involved…Is there a lot of competition? Is it one big happy family? Does everyone get on with each other? Swap tips etc?

Viola Vixen: Well there are the 3 Head Producers; Lady Lou, Champagne Sparkles and myself who put together the concept, guidelines, website and program. We met with all of the producers and discussed the best ways to make things work, listened to constructive criticism and suggestions and have basically done our best to keep this the community venture we set out to create!

I have to say i think we have done pretty well

We promote everyones shows equally and have all endeavored as a team to make this a successful first year. Of course everyone has opinions and suggestions and we have truly done our best to listen to everything! Our goal was to create an event that represents and celebrates the true heart and spirit of Berlin Burlesque, that’s our main focus here, not competition or negativity. The thing i love is that:

The Berlin community really is one big happy family

indieberlin: Is there a dress code at the various shows?

Viola Vixen: Each show has its own unique style and theme, some with dress-codes. Fabulosity recommended!

indieberlin: The burlesque scene in Berlin has really grown and perhaps also changed over the last years – what are the positive and negative aspects of that?

Viola Vixen: Since i have only been here for 4 years im pretty much a part of that ‘growth’ so it’s hard for me to comment on this too seriously. Though I think an artform becoming stagnant is the very worst thing that can happen to it. Growth and change is necessary for art to remain interesting…

And boring burlesque? No thanks!

indieberlin: On a personal note, you became a mum not too long ago – how does that impact on your performing burlesque?

La Viola Vixen Burlesque perfomer in full burlesque outfit with her baby daugher in her armsViola Vixen: Aaaah yes, this certainly slowed my performing down for a while! Luckily for me with having the Shimmy Shake School and Sunday Soiree I could keep my finger in the burly pie by producing and teaching so I didnt go too crazy and could maintain a little work/life balance. I’ve always been a workaholic so while I definitely enjoyed spending some time tucked away in my baby nest, for me to step away completely would have been impossible!

But late night shows in smokey bars with milky boobs and a newborn at home?

That definitely didn’t fit in to my mummy realm again until recently! Now it’s perfect because when I go to ‘work’ I get to socialise and be in this fabulous fun scene. I’m a single mum now though so it’s a bit of a juggling act! But I wouldnt have it any other way.

indieberlin: What could you tell new mums who don’t feel comfortable in their post baby bodies?

Honestly what can be hotter than a MILF? We get so hung up on having curves and marks and squishy bits but that’s truly what really makes us feminine and sexy and the guys (and girls) love it! I always thought my friends always seemed so much sexier after they had babies; more confident, stronger, more sure of themselves. I hope i can be the same.

Embrace the jiggle ladies!

indieberlin: Do you feel that Berlin and burlesque have a special connection?

Viola Vixen: Absolutely. Berlin and burlesque both have rebel hearts. The are a match made in heaven.

Thanks so much for the interview and see you at the Berlin Burlesque Week.

Interview: Mia Morris, photos: Elsa Quarsell




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