Ariel Hyatt Guest Post – Bandcamp and why every band should use it


Ariel Hyatt (@cyberpr) is the founder of Cyber PR®, a digital PR and social media marketing firm in Brooklyn, NY.

Distribution of music has opened up from being controlled by record labels’ to now being practically free for all musicians.

Being your own record company is a reality for the DIY musician. You have to be able to market, record and distribute your music.

Luckily there are many sites and apps that allow you to propagate your finely tuned songs around the world in seconds. Soundcloud, Reverbnation, are all sites that work; however, BandCamp is the site that will present your music in a way that is visually appealing and also provide tools to build and analyze your fan base.

Bandcamp is different in the way that it acts as a store front for distributing your music that you don’t have to pay to be on, unlike CD Baby, iTunes or Amazon. On the contrary, Bandcamp is 100% free for you to place your music on, but they take 15% of any sales you do make (10% on digital).

This free entry is an obvious benefit for DIY musicians to use Bandcamp, but below are 5 more great reasons to give the service a try:

1. Easy To Set Up, Upload, And Customize

Setting up a BandCamp account is simple and only takes around 15 minutes. After the preliminary set up you can brand your page by customizing the color scheme, lay out, header and put up your album artwork. The way that Bandcamp presents all of the artwork and songs creates a visually attractive digital album that is not possible with other platforms.


2. Compile A Mailing List

One of the best features on Bandcamp and most important for your marketing plan, is that you can set up a mailing list. You can set Bandcamp up in a way that when someone wants to download your music it will ask for an email address, and then send them your music. You can then export the mailing list and save it for monthly newsletters.


Most music platform sites allow you to track your plays. Bandcamp does this as well, but it also allows you to track partial plays, skips, and complete plays. This is a great way to discover what song on the EP will be the single on the album. Bandcamp also allows you to track your “Buzz” which consists of all plays from different sites that the Bandcamp player widget has been embedded on. This is an amazing tool to help track your most popular sites to play music, but also see where your band is being talked about and join the conversation.

Sell Your Music With Options

It’s hard to find a place where you can easily distribute your music and your band merchandise, Bandcamp does this with ease and plenty of customizable presentations. One of the coolest features is the multiple format download option. Just upload an Apple Lossless file and Bandcamp will do all the conversions for this file. You can than offer a free download of the lower quality and name your own price option for the higher quality. You can also set one or multiple tracks free to download and others not, or the whole album for any price you wish.

Discover New Music

If you think you can get through this business without supporting other artists and production teams, then your selfish. Bandcamp allows you to find artists who are near you and interact with them so you can maybe swap gigs, collaborate, or set up a tour together. It’s also a great place to find new music, and see what trends are standing out, so you can mold you marketing plan to fit into the popular niche.

 Ariel Hyatt (@cyberpr) is the founder of Cyber PR®, a digital PR and social media marketing firm in Brooklyn, NY.