Make more money from playing gigs


We’ve all been there: You spend ages rehearsing, you make lots of phone calls, you get the gig, you tell everyone about it, you make sure you get there on time, you do the sound check, you buy something to eat, you hang around, then you play. Maybe to a couple of hundred people, maybe to twenty…and its a great gig but after everythg’s paid you think, well, I’m not going to get rich like this.

So how do you make sure that every gig you play brings you proper results, makes you money and takes you further on the road to success?

Glad you asked!

And the answer is….newsletters! 

Wait! Don’t go, it’s true! 

I’m always shocked by the number of bands who don’t go through the crowd at the end of a gig and sell CDs while getting people’s email addresses. 
It’s generally accepted that the average fan who has signed up to your mailing list and who remains an active and committed fan, will spend upwards of 15€ with you per year. That is, if you do what has become the accepted wisdom of sending out regular newsletters keeping your fans in the loop about whats going on with you. 

And from personal experience i know that if you’ve played a good gig then you should get at least a quarter of the people in the place to give you their email addresses, with the promise that you’ll let them know when and where you play again. So even if you play to forty people, thats ten email addresses. And if just one of those ten buy a cd from you once a year, that’s say 10€. If half of the people come to another gig of yours, even just one, that’s say five euros from each, or 25€ together. 

It adds up. 

If you play once a week and every gig you get the same odds, that’s four new CD sales per month, or 480€ per year, that you wouldnt have got otherwise.
Now add the people who come to your next gig. Five new faces each gig means twenty new faces each month which means 240 new faces each year, and that’s 1200€ each year that you wouldn’t have got without those emails. And that’s if they don’t tell their friends, and if they only come to one more gig of yours after the first one. 

And that’s if you just sell them one cd a year. Some will be open to buy more things from you, be it teeshirts, albums, live recordings, badges, bags, you name it. (Product creation is something else that we’ll be getting into, another time).

There is also of course the fact that if you go around and talk to people after the gig, you’re pretty likely to sell a couple more CDs than you would otherwis – so add another 20€ extra per gig – or another 960€ pe year.

Hmm….so lets see…at our conservative estimate that’s an extra 2640€ per year, for doing nothing except wandering through the crowd at the end of each gig…and what about all those telephone numbers you’ll gather along the way ;)…

Worth thinking about, oder?


Article by Noel Maurice

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