SEO on a Monday Afternoon – what the world is watching


What have you been doing with your Sunday afternoon? Something more useful than I have been with mine, I bet. Something constructive like nursing a hangover while checking out what videos to watch.

Meantime I have been trying to figure out this whole SEO thing. Do you get it? I find it confusing. But I have been trying to improve myself, and in the course of that I’ve come across Google Trends. Google Trends does various things to do with keywords and keyword searches and all that thing, and looking at that I’ve learnt the things that most people are searching for the last few days.

There are obvious ones like Robin Williams (did you know he may have been suffering from the first symptoms of Parkinsons?). Then I learnt also that there’s a new phone coming out. Call me old, but I find it weird somehow to live in a world where the most interesting thing happening in Germany is that Samsung are launching a new phone – the Samsung Galaxy Alpha – and doing it just before Apple might bring out their own new offering, the iPhone 6. I like smartphones and all that stuff as much as the next person, but is that really the most interesting thing going on right now? Well actually it’s not, it’s only about the third most interesting thing going on.

And now I run up against that wall of being a long-term Englishman living in Germany, when I read that everyone but everyone around here is googling Mr Philip Scholl-Latour, who has just died. On reading further I discover that actually he was a pretty cool dude, a journalist who was described as “the last world explainer” (bad translation sorry). So rest in peace, I wish I’d known you.

While elsewhere apparently the DFB-Pokale is now on, more interestingly a storm has erupted in Iran after president Mr. Rouhani has congratulaed female Iranian mathematician Maryam Mirzakhani for winning a Fields medal. He congratulated her in a tweet featuring two photos of her, one with and one without a head covering. A woman going without a head covering in Iran is of course in breach of the strict dress code there and is in danger of being whipped if caught doing something so shocking as walking around without a scarf over her head.

So, that was my Sunday lunchtime. Now we’ll see if my writing an article cleverly involving all currently trending search terms are going to make our visitor numbers jump like crazy. I’ll let you know and we’ll go from there.
Thanks for your time, back to the hangover.

Article by Noel Maurice