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GETTERS in indieRepublik interview: Houston, no problem

Getters are a band of old friends from Houston: after growing up they went their separate ways, between them accruing years of experience in the music industry; between them...

“I see creativity as a way of being”, an interview with Ksenia Parkhatskaya

“In authentic jazz dance music is not an ambient atmosphere for the abstract movement. The dance and music are closely connected.”

From Artist to Artist Podcast #6 with Florian Kreier

Stefany Martens from band Wolf & Moon is back with this week's From Artist to Artist Podcast, presented by indieRepublik. Florian Kreier is a German artist, film composer,...
From Artist to Artist Podcast Out Today

From Artist to Artist Podcast Out Today

from-artist-to-artist-podcast-5-tommy-ebbeEach week Stefanie Martens presents us with a new edition of her From Artist to Artist Podcast.

It does what it says on the tin: Stefanie (herself an artist) talks each week to an established indie artist to find out how they are navigating the waters of the indie music industry.
This week we have Tommy Ebben in the hot seat…n

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Introducing: Bliss My Heart

Introducing: Bliss My Heart

Bliss My Heart slid into our DM's on our Instagram Page. She sent us link to her music, and I was mesmerised - I have never heard anything like it! Mixing classical choir-like vocals with electronica. Her songs make me feel like Soko and Skrillex had a love child -...

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