ENBYX: augmented gender and future of visual Arts

Hidden within Berlin’s dark eccentric bowels is a culture of surprising artistic revelation. Surprises that could change the future of visual arts as we know it, the way they are...

In our society, how do non-binary artists create: meet six talented beings and their inspirational stories

In the words of queer performer Sheila Pepe: « Art exists where language fails. ». That is why indieberlin decided to devote an article to the ability of non binary artists to...

A Little Bit Larger Than Life: discover Rory Midhani’s art, giving queer people a colorful seat at the table

It is under the dimmed lights of a vintage-decorated Kreuzberg bar that indieBerlin met the cheerful Rory Midhani to discuss his new and exciting installation at AKA gallery. The...

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