Brief DJ Profiles

Artist: Arkive
Name: Matt Burke
Tea or Coffee? Tea
Musical History: I’ve been producing Electronic Music for around five years now and DJ’ing for around ten. I’m currently playing gigs regularly around the U.K and hold residencies for Metropolis and Hideout festival.

Creative Inspiration – musical and otherwise: I’m currently listening to 3 amazing new albums that have had a real impact on me and my own music. Aphex Twin – Syro, Flying Lotus – You’re Dead and Thom Yorke – Tomorrows Modern Boxes. In regards to non-musical inspirations, I find long walks always fill my head with new ideas. Its a great time to reflect and get away from the studio!

3 words to describe your musical direction: Emotive, Weighty, Melodic
3 artists you’re feeling right now: Chesus, Last Magpie, Youandewan
3 labels you recommend: Aus, Materials, Hypercolour
Food that fuels your creativity: Asian

Fire (Qi), Earth(Xue), Metal(Jing), Water(Shen) or Wood(Jin Ye)? Water(shen)

Aspirations for the future: Making music a full time career, producing for other artists as well as myself.

Latest Beats – (links):

What are you expecting from the night, have you played in Berlin before? I’m really looking forward to it, I’ve never been to Berlin before but I’ve always wanted to go – especially to play! it’ll be interesting to see how my style of U.K house music will be received. I’ve every confidence its going to be a great night!
Any releases in the pipeline? I’ve just finished putting together my debut E.P and I’m currently in talks with a couple of different labels in regards to releasing it. Watch this space!!