Now for the stockings: Chloe Gale delves deeper into the world of burlesque

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After enjoying myself thoroughly in the first class, I was very excited to see what the second had in store. With stockings packed and ready to take a turn on the dancefloor, the women from the class came together on another balmy evening.

Arden, our wonderful teacher took us through a variety of burlesque basics, whilst encouraging the development of our own character and burlesque personality. I have discovered I shall never live to be a vamp, instead I’m more bright and bubbly or crude and rude, read into that what you will.

By the end the group had achieved a solid stocking strip tease

 We learnt a variety of stocking techniques that allowed us to remove the nylons in a way that would entice the audience, forget hitching your tights up to your tits, this was all very sexy. With the use of a chair to stabilise us, we learnt to whip our stockings off over our heads or slink down onto the floor to “pump those legs” and pull off our stocking very very slowly. It took a little practise but by the end the group had achieved a solid stocking strip tease.
Finally, the class went on to a finale of glove choreography set to the song “Fever”, now despite the frustration of having to repeatedly put the gloves back on, we all mastered the choreography and added our own personal flair to it.  I’ve even promised that I’d teach it to some friends one evening, gin cocktails included, of course.

Sexy Bond girls, all powerful divas and a sensual ice queen

 The classes are proving to be more than just a dance workout, each and every member is blossoming in some way. We’ve seen the women go from everyday Berlin gals to a sexy Bond girl, an all powerful diva and a sensual ice queen, it’s so much fun to watch and we’re genuinely beginning to enjoy each others company too.
If you’re hesitant about attending a class, don’t be, it’s so much fun and you’ll gain something out of it, even if it’s just a new friend. But I guarantee you’ll leave with a wiggle in your step and a sexy gaze in your eyes.
Talking of sexy, next week is tassels week, that’s right the ladies are being brought out as we learn out to twirl our nipple tassels. Stay Tuned.
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