“NWA’s Fuck the Police changed my life” – interview with robert Grant

We're gearing up for next Thursday 5th May when we'll be celebrating at Marie Antoinette with one spoken word poet and five music acts. Win guest list passes and indieVIP NFTs...

Review: House of Trump, House of Putin

The Trump presidency and its farce/carnival atmosphere is one of those can't-look-away car-crash things. Over the last months I've found myself going through a phase of gorging...

The Downing of the Drones by Noel Maurice out today

Caught between the US drone attacks and the Taliban, a brother and sister set out on the refugee trail for Europe, fleeing their Afghan mountain village for a new life. Meanwhile a UK detective with secrets and a background in undercover work arrives in Berlin to help stem the wave of Islamist terror attacks that is spreading relentlessly across Europe. In the US, the CIA are coming to terms with the fact that their military drones are being hacked and brought down one by one, and that they are helpless to stop it. When ISIS are thrown into the mix, allies become enemies and enemies allies, until things come to a head on the streets of Berlin.

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