Billie Eilish new album out now

Third Billie Eilish album Hit Me Hard And Soft came out this week with no pre-singles. Spoiler: we love it. At the tender age of 22 Billie Eilish has already impacted the pop...

Noah And The Loners issue an ode to punk’s past and present, for better (and) for worse.

Teen (yes, teen) Brit rockers Noah And The Loners have brought out their debut EP, Desolate Warning, five songs brimming with rage on topics such as politics, mental health and...

Imagine dragons ft J Balvin ‘Eyes Closed’ review- a toe tapping, pseudo dance pop track

Despite their polarising reputation, there’s no downplaying electronic-rock figurehead Imagine Dragons’ immediate rise in popularity, tracing back to 2012’s Night Visions with...
Lotta st Joan Review Always

Lotta st Joan Review Always

»Always« written by Lotta St Joan was released on December 7, 2023. Her composition slowly turns into a companion to our inner dialogue; it offers solace, understanding, and a resounding echo to the depths of one's emotions.

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