King meats Queen – A Taste of the British Isles on the streets of Berlin

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An Englishman, a Scotsman and a German walk into a popup restaurant.*

A joke? Nope. It’s two British chefs who are coincidentally called King and Queen – no, seriously – who have put their chef hats together and decided to make their very own anti-Brexit stance by setting up a brilliant pop-up restaurant next to the Sage Club called King Meats Queen – a Taste of the British Isles.


British Street Food in Berlin – The Menu!

Yes folks, we know you know lots of jokes about British food and we know that it’s got a bit of a rep in the wider world for not being all that, but as I’ve been trying to tell anyone who’ll let me harangue them, it is, it is all that, and more.

No, not damp and unpleasant, but live, convivial, seriously fucking tasty and full of beans.

This is what King Meats Queen are here to show you. Sunday there’s a roast dinner, not to be missed (just been informed that today (24.9) is sold out…try to book for next Sunday instead), and every day for the next two weeks they’ll have something special cooked up for you, reminiscent of the British Isles. No, not damp and unpleasant, but live, convivial, seriously fucking tasty and full of beans.

No wait, that’s the chefs. They’re full of beans.

Although I’m not ruling beans out.

Republik Berlin Biergarten

Republik Berlin Biergarten

Having set up a pop-up restaurant in the Republik-Berlin Biergarten, Kingsley Barker (England) and David Queen (Scotland) are standing ready to regale you with the most delicious food that the British Isles has to offer – from homemade sausages, vegetarian Haggis, Welsh rarebit, Scotch Eggs, Black Pudding and (of course) Fish & Chips. Not to forget bangers and mash, fish, and Guiness Pie.


Take that, bashers of British food!

Kingsley you’ll probably know, by the way, from Markt Neuen, where he sold his homemade sausages – although he’s turned his back on that lark for a life of providing street food under the moniker Barker Bites, and his fish and chips have since become famous on the Berlin night scene.

Grabbing a very busy David Queen for a couple of words, he told me that it was “mental” – “I prepped for three days and on the first night we sold out…450 sausages in a week, even more fish and chips, and the roast was sold out in an hour last Sunday”.

Take that, bashers of British food!

*I lied about the German, sorry.

A Taste Of The British Isles
3 Wochen Britisches Street Food in Berlin
Biergarten Republik-berlin
Köpenicker Straße 74 in 10179 Berlin (nahe U-Bhf. Heinrich-Heine-Platz)

Photo by Lars Griebner

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