Say hallo to the indieBerlin / indieRepublik Online Store!

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indieBerlin has been running since 2008, its big sister indieRepublik since 2018.

As well as being a blog / oniine magazine, we’ve also run an events agency, put out real-world magazines, acted as a record label, book publisher, PR agency, marketing agency, and….well, probably some other things too. But one thing we always wanted to do was to open a store.

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And now we’ve done it. An indie Berlin Online Store.

We’ve kicked off with featuring graphic works from independent designers in Berlin and further afield, on tees, hoodies, hats, bags and accessories. We’ve started off with three of our favourite Berlin-based graphic designers and labels – YaBerlin, YASH, and Diana Toro. We’ll be adding more designers as we go on, of course. Our taste, our style, carefully curated, the coolest design products just for you.

And fashion designers will be coming on board next, where we host them and their favourite creations on our indieBerlin shop.

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Following on there’ll be band merchandise…books…music (vinyl, casettes, CDs, maybe even the odd NFT or two, who knows…). Plus tickets to concerts, when all this viral business goes away, second-hand music gear, second-hand books…vouchers for burlesque courses, music marketing workshops and the like…the list goes on.

We’re also planning to set up a clothes swap / rental service. That’s in the pipeline.

We have ideas, we have hopes, and we have big dreams. Dreams that have never gone away, that have just got bigger and more glitter-strewn as time goes on.

And of course it’s all indie.

As with our online magazine – as with everything we do – the store will feature and focus on independent creatives and their work. From the beginning indieBerlin – and now indieRepublik – has been about just that: helping independent artists, musicians, dancers, performers, designers, writers and filmmakers to put their head above the parapet, to make themselves heard through the white noise.

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I hope you’ll be a regular visitor to our brand new indie shop. If you don’t feel like buying anything, no worries – just peruse the designs, words and music of your favourite indies – and the ones you don’t know yet. Please feel free to share on social media and to spread the word – for all our indie artists (and us too natch ;)) to survive, we need to help each other.

And I know we will.

See you there. And here.


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