New start-up ‘Smunch’: Curtain call for office canteens?

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More and more restaurants are offering office delivery services, but it can be a logistical nightmare. Now Smunch has found a solution that serves up quality with a side of efficiency.

Sometimes, when a customer orders a food delivery, there’s a whole lot of regret from both sides. The customer waits and waits for the goods to come – but when it does, the meal’s gone cold. The restaurant, drawn in by the lustre of extra sales, ends up spinning too many plates – and it’s the in-house guests that pay with their time.

Virtual cantine

Smunch offers participating restaurants a surefire schedule, and to customers rich, varied menus every day. Co-founder Oliver Hüfner came up with the idea of putting the different providers on a rota, to ease the load on kitchens. Moreover, they only have to select four items off the menu for online customers. They choose according to the four Smunch categories: Living Light, Power Pick, Freaky Fit and Chef’s Choice.

Good preparation, good result

“You can decide what you want to eat the very same morning”, says Hüfner contentedly. “But what’s even better is that customers often plan their whole week when the menus get sent round, so restaurants can easily calculate and prepare in advance.”

And it won’t break the bank

The real coup for participating businesses is the price, which comes in at up to 50% off the in-house menu price. That’s all thanks to serendipitous tax breaks for employers and employees.

And if that doesn’t tickle bosses’ taste buds, I don’t know what will.

Article: Holger Badura. Translation: Jem Bosatta.




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