Getting your Tassels to twirl – It’s Week 3 at the Burlesque Course

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Over half way through my Berlin Burlesque academy experience and the girls and I were hit with our hardest challenge – nipple tassels.

Now it’s one thing to strip down to a bare minimum in a room full of women, it’s another to successfully get your tassels to twirl.

Arden, our delicious tutor, warmed us up with a few hints and tips on the art of striptease, from corsets to satin robes, we learned how to strip out of them in the sexiest way possible.

It’s something you’ve probably never put much thought into, getting undressed, but there is so much to consider. Your facial expression, teasing and build excitement all the while removing the item of clothing effortlessly. Give it ago tonight, after work, it’s bloody difficult.

Give it ago tonight, after work, it’s bloody difficult.

The time had come to whip off that bra and get the girls out for the girls. Everything was done with a giggle and a glass of champagne in hand, so we all felt relatively comfortable.

Next, Arden Delacour taught us the easiest way of getting those tassels twirling. Hands above the head, and bounce. Now for a rather well-endowed lady, my poor back was not impressed but I powered on nonetheless.

Hands above the head, and bounce.

We moved on to just getting one to twirl with the aid of your arm bouncing the breast, hilarious and for the first couple of attempts, it kind of looks like you have a nervous twitch.

Finally, it was time to hit the floor, arch those backs and twirl in the air, easy for some, impossible for others. I think it’s fair to say we all enjoyed the lesson and one friend of mine definitely found her life calling. Turns out she’s a damn nipple twirling revelation.

Turns out she’s a damn nipple twirling revelation.

Sadly, it was Arden’s final lesson with us before she jets off on holiday, but we have the honor of being taught by none other than the Queen of German Burlesque, Marlene Von Steenvag, who shall be taking us through the exciting world of prop dancing.

I and all the girls would like to thank Arden for her work, patience, and support. We’ve had the best time with you and feel you’ve prepared us for our final lesson with the boss. Until next week….

Photo by Glowbus

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