Autumn favourites by Melissa Righi


Autumn favourites by Melissa Righi


Pullover from “Saint Tropez “: Not too thick, not too thin, just a perfect cotton sweater for autumn!

BB- cream from “Alverde”: If you don’t want to wear heavy make up but you want to have some light color on your skin, this product is great for you. It’s for all skin types and it’s matte.

Brown eyeshadow from “Sephora”:  “Morning mocha N°88” is a really sensual, matte brown eyeshadow that I really like, especially in autumn.

Brush from “Aegyptia” C14: I love this brush for blending out. It`s super soft!

Tea from “Cupper”: My absolutely favourite tea! I love the cinnamon, ginger smell and taste and the cute packaging. Natural, fair and delicious! You can get it at “Veganz” supermarket!

Jumbo Eye Pencil from “NYX” in color “617 Iced Mocha”: I love to combine this with the Sephora eyeshadow! Shiny and soft, thick eye pencil!Haarerfrischer Spray from “Alverde”: fresh and good smelling spray for your hair. Maybe it’s more a product for summer but I use it all the time, when I feel that my hair gets frizzy and dry.

Enchanted Eye Cream from “Lush”: I am a big Lush fan and I use all the soaps, scrubs and creams and good smelling things they have (Check their Christmas stuff out, it’s amazing!), but lately I’ve been loving the enchanted eye cream. It makes your skin around the eyes really soft and smooth without being heavy. Quite expensive but worth it!

Earrings from “Aldo”: I love golden jewelry and these earrings fit to everything I wear.

Last but not least my really really favourite product of the last month is the MAC lipstick in color “SIN” from the Rocky Horror Picture Show collection. I’m in love with the dark red brownish color, the matte effect and the amazing packaging! If you can’t find the Rocky Horror Picture Show collection anymore you can still find it in the normal lipstick collection.


By Melissa Righi