Interview with Bahar Berlin Edeltrash

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Last Saturday we were out and about in the city and dropped in on Bahar Berlin Edeltrash’s fashion event, where they took over the street in front of them and turned the stretch of pavement into a fashion runway. The colour, the great atmosphere and the music sucked in anyone who happened to be going past and it ended up being a great party.
They had a stand outside with drinks including green smoothie shots (and beer, don’t worry) and Solange Pulat, boss of the place, bopping around smiling at people and chatting away happily. The shop too was a brilliant find: It’s been open for ten months, specialising in vintage fashion, plus whatever takes Solange’s fancy – she stocks the shop purely on what appeals to her – including pieces from Berlin independent designers. Solange has a great aura and you can imagine her being a thoroughly welcoming shop host. We managed to stop her bopping for a few minutes to answer a few questions:


ib: So you can buy everything in the shop?

Solange Pulat: Yes! The clothes, the furniture, the hangars, trinkets…

ib: Could I buy the shop itself?

Solange Pulat: No. Everything else in the shop though. Apart from me.

ib: How long did it take you to accumulate all this stuff?

Solange Pulat: About a year. People bring me the stuff, well, they bring a photo, like when it’s a couch or something, and I say yes, no, yes, no, we make a price together, and that’s it.

Ib: Where would you say your tastes are centred?

Solange Pulat: On vintage clothes. I like a lot of modern stuff when it’s my style and it fits the shop, but generally I prefer vintage.

Ib: And what is vintage?

Solange Pulat: From the 18th Century…the twenties, the thirties…

ib: I think there’s a rule, anything that’s older than twenty five years…

Solange Pulat: Yeah. Btu if I like it I take it.

Ib: And you have things from local independent fashion designers?

Solange Pulat: Yeah, it depends the people who bring me the things. European designers, lots of different things.

Ib: What is your taste – can you pin it down to a singel word, a single sentence..

Solange Pulat: It’s based on love.

Bystander: Lovely clothes, lovely…

Bystander: Why neon yellow?

Solange Pulat: I, you know, I like neon yellow.

Ib: What about the name?

Solange Pulat: It’s to honour my roots, I have Turkish and Italian roots. Bahar means new beginning, and it was a new beginning for me with the shop, but also for the clients, who buy their new favourite clothes here.

Ib: Can people find you online?

Solange Pulat: They can find me online, yes:, facebook is

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