Interview with indie fashion designer Lettau: modern gymnastics chiq

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Lettau l|. is a Berlin fashion label founded by Liesa Maria Lettau. Her keen sense of the body and its movements results in an eclectic, distinctive style. All pieces are handmade and limited edition, combining craftsmanship with new sporty and chic shapes.

Liesa Maria Lettau works on collaborative projects with designers and artists to create limited edition collections of unique printed fabrics. Her super stretchy, tight and sexy yet relaxed pieces, in mainly eye-catching and bright fabrics, beaded embellishments, sequins, metallics and holographic Lycra® make her collections something that could be described as modern gym chiq.

“I got into modeling when I was 15 and was able to understand the fashion world quite well from that perspective.”

indieRepublik: What made you want to become a designer? Did you originally have a different idea of what you wanted to do for a living?

LIESA MARIA LETTAU: I have been sewing all the time since I was a kid: for dolls, Barbies, for myself. I got into modeling when I was 15 and could understand the fashion world quite well from that perspective. And then one thing led to another.

indieRepublik: Who was your favorite designer when you were younger?

LML: I always loved Lanvin and Balmain – French sex appeal is everything! These days, though, I’m more fascinated by Jeremy Scott and Versace – I love the humor and feminism of the brands.

“French sex appeal is everything!”

indieRepublik: Where do you find inspiration for your designs, e.g. nature, urbanization, technology, history, etc.?

LML: Film, music and television – but ultimately the idea always starts with the material.

indieRepublik: How long does it take you to design a piece? Does this vary for different types of items?

LML: This can vary hugely and always depends on what it is about.For a costume picture I usually start with a drawing. If it’s about a collection, I usually start with the materials and maybe just make notes on the final image. Until a prototype is perfect, that can take three hours or three days – its always different…

indieRepublik: How long does it take you to design a piece? Which garments do you like to focus on / design the most?

LML: Sometimes like this, sometimes like that. Sometimes I know half a year in advance which pieces I want to make for the next collection. But some of them only come to my mind whle realising the pieces – maybe a week before the shoot. Generally, a lot of ideas come to me while I’m working. I tend to spend less time drawing and planning.

“Art fashion is about women, about everyone who is on the trans spectrum, and sometimes it’s about unisex”

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indieRepublik: What are your favorite pieces? Do you prefer to design men’s or women’s fashion?

LML: At Lettau l|. Art Fashion is about women, everyone on the trans spectrum, and sometimes unisex. I have a few favorite designs – my all-time favorites are the “Austin”, “Ibiza” and “Kim” bodysuits – are just perfect for my body. It’s different for every woman.

I’m also particularly in love with the new Velvet Collection right now – so chill to spend Lockdown Light in it.

indieRepublik: Where do you prefer to work on your designs?

I spend rather less time drawing and planning

LML: Everywhere. You can’t plan ideas.

IndieRepublik: Is there another designer who has influenced you and your designs throughout your career?

Not one single designer. But at some point I got a lot of my ideas from the Italian disco era, which is still very noticeable in some spheres of Ibiza. I admire Italian women for their unique sense of style.

indieRepublik: Is there another designer who has influenced you and your designs throughout your career? Would you consider doing a collaborative project?

We’re working on something. But comes only next summer 😉

Lettau website | Lettau Instagram | Lettau Facebook

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