Meet the team – our new series featuring members of indieberlin – this time it’s Eden van den Bogaard


After growing up in a small mountain town nestled in the mountains of Canada’s West Coast, Eden knew there was much more waiting for her to discover. Since traveling throughout several continents and living in cities such as Vancouver and Montreal, she took advantage of her Dutch background and developed a base in Amsterdam. Shortly after, she started to pursue a career in PR and editorial while studying at Willem De Kooning Academy in Rotterdam. Following this, she completed an internship at Amsterdam’s most loved publication: Subbacultcha! Magazine.( While working shows, and assisting with editorial, production and promotional work, she also wrote for her own F A M E ( blog, and frequently wrote for Fier Management ( [an event management and fashion PR company based out of Berlin].

After completing her internship, and becoming familiar with the local music and fashion scene, she developed a personal writing style and vision for how she wanted to form her career. Furthermore, creating a network and several collaboration opportunities expanded her reach to be able to progress from Amsterdam, and move on to life in Berlin.

The move to Berlin was inspired by an offer to complete a second internship at Fier Management focusing on event organization and PR. Working closely with with the editorial team, focusing on social media and event management, she continued to build her skills and create a strong idea of the creative path she would follow.

Finally, she started working for indieberlin as a reviewer, and due to her experience and creativity, she now plays a pivotal role in indieberlin. Currently, she also continues to write for her blog, as well as do freelance project direction, and writing. For now, she seems to be quite content here in Berlin, but you never know where she might end up next.