Outfit of the Day – The Indispensable Fashion Item


Some years ago I used “Jutebeutel” that I used to call “shopping bag” for going to the supermarket and nothing more.

But now it’s an indispensable fashion item, at least in Berlin.

There’s a lot of space in there, it’s not heavy, it’s easy to carry and if you loose it, it’s not tragic. Even if it’s almost “out” already, you just have to wear it in the right way.

Choose your Jutebeutel well! My favourite is the one from “Prettysucks”!




Outfit of the Day

Jeans: Versace Vintage

Belt: Lush Cosmetics (They use these scarfs for packaging, I use it as a belt)

Pullover: Milena Cavaletti

Bag: Prettysucks

Earrings: H&M


By Melissa Righi

Photos by Carmela de Leo