Street Style – Mitte


Street Style – Mitte


It is no secret that Indieberlin is deeply in love with both Berlin and fashion. That’s why we started this new series of street style. We found people who dare to express them selves through the way they dress. This week we went to the streets of Mitte.

The epicenter

Mitte: where one goes to see and be seen. The epicenter of Berlin, a city known for its youth culture and gritty underground club scene, Mitte deflects these stereotypes with class… and a hint of snobbery.

Although more posh than its surrounding ‘hoods, the fashion in Mitte maintains the casual cool that Berlin has so perfectly defined and conquered.

Dressed to make an impression

The neighborhood is littered with shopping, boasting a variety that ranges from global corporate chains to independent vintage boutiques. Bustling with tourists out to spend money and locals on their way to work, the majority of passersby are dressed to make an impression – and to turn a few heads along the way.

Whether it be to people watch, indulge in a pricey coffee, or find that perfect pair of vintage Levi’s, spending a day in Mitte is a great excuse to break in your new heels.

Ngoc, 30 years old: “Mitte is very commercial and fast-changing”.

Liaka, 26 years old: “Mitte is alternative, young and fashionable”.

Mara, 21 years old and Drivs, 22 years old: “We are good freinds hanging out here”.

Livia, 19 years old: “Mitte is a bit expensive, but nice”.

Camilla, 22 years old:”Mitte is very fancy. It’s a little bit like a catwalk. It’s all about seeing and being seen.”

Ella, 20 years old: “I rarely do anything else here than work. People mostly come here to buy stuff”

Gretha, 20 years old: “I came to Berlin from Bonn to study psychology 3 years ago”.

Marco, 30 years old: “Mitte is full of tourists, fashionable and has good coffee”.
Words and pictures by: Elisabeth Thostrup and Tosca Webb