The indieberlin Vladimir Karaleev interview – “Make the rules, then break them all!”

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This week indieberlin presents “The indieberlin Vladimir Karaleev interview”. Vladimir Karaleev is a brilliant Bulgarian fashion designer based in Berlin. Finding creative inspiration for his unique collections through contemporary art, he creates his exclusive pieces mixing geometric abstractness and great functionality. indieberlin is happy to present his new outstanding collection.

indieberlin: Tell us a little bit about yourself. 

Vladimir Karaleev: I am originally from Bulgaria. Fifteen years ago I moved to Berlin, to study fashion design. I’m still very happy to live and work here.

indieberlin: What triggered your passion for fashion

Vladimir Karaleev: Its just a feeling I always had, which luckily turned into my job!

indieberlin: What are your sources for inspiration generally, and/or for your new collection specifically? 
Andthen the true „inspiration” is in the reworking process, this is where all the magic happens
Vladimir Karaleev: We all observe the world and keep the strongest impressions in our minds, or at least this is how I explain to myself how all good ideas come: all the travels, the books, the movies, the galleries, its all in my head and at the right moment an idea comes, which I develop in a complex process of work. An then the true „inspiration” is in the reworking process, this is where all the magic happens. 

indieberlin: How would you describe your unique style? 

Vladimir Karaleev: I hope it has something unique within. I try to express all the ideas through my own prism and I guess this makes it unique.

indieberlin: How would you describe your new collection? 
Also combining functionality and decoration, juxtaposing material contrasts
Vladimir Karaleev: Its full of subtle irregularities and deconstructions, really quite chaotic elements, which shape the collection. Also combining functionality and decoration, juxtaposing material contrasts.

indieberlin: Which would you say is the best piece in your current collection? 

Vladimir Karaleev: Its the asymetrical shirts, made from different fabric panels I guess.

indieberlin: Do you work nationally or internationally? And if internationally, what difficulties do you find exist for doing that? 
Now we shape the collection for all our clients
Vladimir Karaleev: At the beginning of my career I didnt give too much thought to all the different markets. But now we shape the collection for all our clients. I work internationally mostly, but this also can be split into different regions. For example the Japanese market is different than the American.

For those two we add extra products, that we know will sell well. Nationally it’s difficult, it’s really a pity, but Germany, where I work, is a very difficult market for us for now, but I am thankful that we have fans here also!

indieberlin: How do you find the experience of working as a fashion designer in Berlin – in terms of it being a centre of creativity, in terms of the emerging artists and fashion designers? 

Vladimir Karaleev: Berlin is a great place to work and live. And it’s changing constantly, while getting more professional and possibly more commercial, Berlin still has its edginess.

indieberlin: What advice would you give for fashion lovers? 

Vladimir Karaleev: Make the rules, then break them all!

indieberlin: What projects do you have planned for the future? 

Vladimir Karaleev: I am currently working on our upcoming S/S 2017 show during the Mercedes- Benz Fashion Week in Berlin.

indieberlin: How can people find you – online and in the real world? 

Vladimir Karaleev: We always have a small selection of our collections in our online shop. In Berlin you can find us at Baerck, Chrome Store and during our pop up-project with KaDeWe. We also sell in a nice shop called „Goldmarmor“ in Darmstadt. Besides Germany we also have stockists in the USA, Canada, in the Middle East and Asia.

Interview by Gloria De Grossi | Edited by Noel Maurice

Photos Vladimir Karaleev Men by Hanna Ruecker

Photos Vladimir Karaleev Women by Vasil Germanov

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