Why men don’t like platform shoes


It’s the best thing a small girl like me can wear: platform shoes.
Not as uncomfortable as high heels and you still reach a height you like, your legs feel slimmer and you feel so thrown back to the 90’s. But the happiness doesn’t last for long because unfortunately the men’s world is not quite as enthusiastic about this fashion item. I haven’t met one heterosexual guy who liked platform shoes. “Big NO. A big block of shoes that doesn’t make a feminine foot.” First comment from a friend after my big WHY.

“I like seeing a woman’s natural height. So no, I don’t like them.” Second negative comment.
“They look like shoes for people who can’t walk and they are just for frustrated girls who won’t ever be tall and who hope to gain some centimetres. I don’t know why, but they remind me of cartoons like Tom and Jerry. Or Lord Business from the Lego movie.”
After all these indirect insults I stopped asking my guy friends why they didn’t like platforms.
In the end, I think they are just scared to look smaller than their lady, and that makes them feel insecure and inferior. And still, we don’t care, we keep on going wearing them over the years. That’s another perfect example that women dress for women.

Article and photo by Melissa Righi

**** Melissa Righi ****

Italian fashionista Melissa Righi met indieberlin at a delicious Burlesque Sunday Soirée where she had landed by chance. Melissa had come to Berlin to get a new tattoo and saw an ad on the street in Friedrichshain. We chatted about Milan, Berlin, fashion and blogging and now that Melissa has started blogging her insights into the fashion world on indieberlin the rest is soon to become history. Stay tuned, get in touch and be inspired.