meet the team – Noel Maurice


To show you once again a more personal side of indieberlin, we have decided to introduce to you the indieberlin team little by little.

 … and this time it’s Noel Maurice under the spotlight!

Noel Maurice first arrived young and fresh-faced in early 90s Berlin after taking a wrong turn somewhere and deciding to stay. He landed directly in Tacheles and lived there in the early days of the now famous art house, helping to shape the brand new underground scene. In between helping to start clubs and helping to end them he managed simultaneously to enjoy the wilder aspects of the scene while also forming, joining and leaving numerous indie bands and collectives.

Noel Maurice also discovered street music, finding it a naked and honest form of expression, and plays street music around Berlin to this day, where he sells CDs and gathers new fans. 

Under his artist name Idiotchild, Noel played with various line-ups including tea chest basses, broken accordions, retro drum machines and acoustic guitars, performing in clubs throughout Berlin and its environs as well as in the UK.

After releasing three EPs through Sleepwalk Discs in the beginning of the zeroes, he released the album “Dumbdown” through London label Incinerate Media, and more recently an EP “The Berlin Diaries. Introduction” through indieberlin records. Noel is currently working on an autobiographical book about his early years in Berlin and a new album to be released in the Autumn on indieberlin records “Daylight (Again)”.

In 2008 Noel launched together with his partner Mia Morris the networking platform indieberlin as a project to bring art, music and fashion together and grow, perform with and benefit from one another. As the network grew, the demand for a publishing platform got bigger as well. In 2012 Noel and Mia relaunched as a Blog, digital magazine and the kind of being that it is up until now.