A bit more on Amanda Palmer’s “The Art of Asking”

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Venturing into English language reviewing, because now we have a German review of Amanda Fucking Palmer’s “The Art of Asking,” yet the book is written in English…

So let me add my few cents here: I cried a lot while reading this book. It is, by turns, sad and heartbreaking, but also touching and uplifting, honest and talkative, insistent and full of wonder at the community of like-minded souls, enthusiastic and broken and hurting and ready to connect, reach out and help one another. Like a lot of good art and good stories, it may seem deceptively simple, straightforward.

Let me give you just one single quote to serve as an example of what you should, and can, expect:

Believe me. I’m real.

“I laughed thinking about every single artist I knew – every writer, every actor, every filmmaker, every crazed motherfucker who had decided to forgo a life of predictable income, upward mobility, and simple tax returns, and instead pursued a life in which they made their living trying to somehow turn their dot-connecting brain inside out and show the results to the world – and how, maybe, it all boiled down to one thing: BELIEVE ME. Believe me. I’m real.

Whatever you think of Amanda Palmer, her book is well worth reading. It might change your perspective, whether on her, on art and music, the internet, hell, even humanity! Yep, I recommend it, wholeheartedly.

Review, if you can call it that, by Claudia Rapp, author of SUMMER SYMPHONY (alas, still only in German).

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