Interview with indie author Jonathan Lyon


Jonathan Lyon is a writer and singer from the UK who lives and works in Berlin.

With his new band Agon and his frequent appearances at readings about town he’s creating something of a storm. We’re excited to have Jonathan Lyon reading at the upcoming indieberlin book fair on the 7th November in Posh Teckel, and indieberlin asked him a few questions.

indieBerlin: What is Agon?

Jonathan Lyon: Agon is the band I’m in with two other girls & I write lyrics about pretending to be myself.

indieBerlin: What is new with you?

Jonathan Lyon: We made a video for our next single ‘Ritual’ this month, & it will come out soon. The concept was ‘an erotic encounter with a beetroot.’

“Bleakness has its charms”

IndieBerlin: What are you writing?

Jonathan Lyon: I’m writing mostly on instagram at the moment – about my life a few years ago, when I was a drug addict at Oxford Univeristy.

IndieBerlin: And your instagram address is…

IndieBerlin: How is Berlin?

Jonathan Lyon: I have no heating in my apartment so Berlin is very cold, but the bleakness has its charms.

IndieBerlin: What will you give the guests on November 7th?

Jonathan Lyon: I’m reading a story called ‘universal pictures,’ which presents the thoughts of a god waking up for the first time.


Check out Agon’s first video single here. Read some writing here.

Photo by Hanna Sturm.