SPEED REVIEW: Lucy K. Shaw, The Motion


The indie book fair and lounge may be upon us, but that doesn’t mean we don’t also find time to write a few quick reviews. SPEED REVIEWS, at least. Here’s one, before we get on with the fair planning and freaking out.

Here we go

L K Shaw’s “The Motion” is a speedy read. For a book, it’s rather short! More like a “Kindle Single”, the mini novellas that are all the rage on Amazon these days. Budget in an hour to read this.

You will find a collection of segments: short stories about the endings and beginnings of relationships, written in the classic narrative style with allusions to high culture, like ancient poets and museums. And next to that, a handful of lists and declarations of the self, not unlike your classic social media rant full of pop culture references. In other words, it’s a potpourri of high-and-low writing cultures! Hurrah!

The two types of writing are tied together by a shared “ego” or “I”-narrator at the centre, or so we might believe, reminding us that the modern high-brow writer may still always be low-brow when she’s scribbling in private — a fun mishmash, and in its way a document of how language transitions during the social media decade. Because nowadays, we more often write the things we might simply say…

Personally, it all brushed me up the wrong way, but I can’t say no to experimental literature. Who could?!
Check out The Motion by Lucy K Shaw here. And guess what: You can also meet Lucy on Saturday! Reason No. 3.578.005 to come!

~SPEED REVIEW by Polly Trope, Literary Editor and author of Cured Meat.