We reopen indielit with an interview with robert grant

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After taking a break from featuring independent literature for the last 2-3 years, we decided that it’s time to get back to things with words in them.

And what better way to restart our indielit section than with an interview with the very wordy (but in a good way :)) UK-born, Berlin-based poet Robert Grant. This is the first of four interview videos we did with the gentleman in question (I did say he was wordy :)).

Robert Grant describes it like this:

“We are a species divided. Split into so many different groups and subgenres, that it’s hard to keep up. Gender, ethnicity, age, culture, religion, political stand point…our economic status, education level, sexual preference, food allergies, music, film, hair cut…dog or cat? The divisions are endless.

One of the only things that all humans have in common (apart from bodily functions) is that we all lie. People rarely want to hear the truth, even if they ask for it.

If you were unabashedly honest, people would hate you for it or call you a sociopath…Which is overwhelmingly ironic.

This new collection of poems discusses the idiosyncrasies in life and how most people (including him) dishonestly deal with them.”

Order the new Robert Grant book of poems here

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