Banglist live tonight at Privatclub with The Pariahs!

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Full transparency? Full transparency. Banglist is indieBerlin’s new record label’s first signing, so I’m hardly going to write a balanced article here am I?

But of course the reason why we signed them is we saw them playing, thought Jesus that’s a band now isn’t it, saw them again, were bowled over again, and thought: right, I guess it’s time to start a label.

Banglist have been steadily building a buzz behind them over the last months, even more so since the release of their debut single Fearless a few weeks ago, and now you have the chance TONIGHT to see just what the fuss is about!

Half Icelandic, half Norwegian, they’ve nailed down that peculiarly Scandinavian ability to find a sweet spot of pop, rock and everything in between, and made it all their own. With a riotous, high energy live show, a singer like a female Dionysus* with a voice to match, fronting a three piece who are bursting with get-up-and-go energy and their very own brand of giggly humour (look out for many Per-related jokes), you just know you’re going to have a roaringly good time at a Banglist gig.

*god of wine, fertility and ritual madness, so sayeth Wikipedia…

Tonight they’re playing support for The Pariahs, a band that’s old as the hills and brand new:

They burst out of Germany at the end of the 80s when the wall came down (they’re from the East), toured the UK and further afield and received rave reviews (see below)…before being crushed beneath the juggernaut that was grunge.

Recently signed to  a Berliner retro label, they’re celebrating the release of their second album (the first one came out around 30 years ago) and have lost none of their excitement, their enthusiasm, or their ability to pen a catchy pop tune.

See what the press said:

“Der Pariahs-Pop ist perfekt”
– Andreas Müller, Radio EINS
„Musik für warme Betten“
-Loft Concerts
“Good Song, sehr amimässig – sounds like R.E.M.”
– Rik De Lisle (Kult DJ), Ex-AFN, Ex-Spliff über RnRhsmL
“Ein leichtes Popstück mit Ohrwurmqualitäten – cooler Text”
– Thomas Koschwitz, Radio-Legende
“Acoustic-Core – verwirrend, aber nicht zwingend durchgeknallt – Postcard Label revisited”
– Harald Fricke, taz
“Beinah-Hochkultur – wie Morrissey oder Prefab Sprout”
– Hagen Liebing (DÄ), Tagesspiegel

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