#1 Barbiche on Air podcast with indieBerlin – world premiere of Banglist’s debut single & more!


Yes folks, we’re moving into the wonderful world of podcasts and radio shows. Here’s how this one broke down…

I (Noel here) was invited by the two wonderful women Kitty Solaris and Susanne Kirkuss to take over their long-running and highly popular radio show Barbiche on Air that plays on Berlin’s Alex Radio. No problem says I, and proceed to assemble a glorious cast of interviewees and some of the coolest independent acts in Berlin at the moment….but: yes, but, there is unfortunately a but. A laptop crashed, audio files were lost, sweat was sweated, and I missed the deadline to get it onto Alex Radio for the March edition of Barbiche on Air.

Hence this being, see, a podcast. As of April this very same podcast will transmogrify into a radio show, to hear every month (as long as things run smoothly and hey, I see no problem there, do you?) on Alex Radio; while also showing up in podcast form as well.

So there’s that.

And there’s this: Enjoy the podcast below, do give it a listen, because we have multiple highlights: three members of the amazing Banglist in interview; we have the absolute world premiere of Banglist’s absolute first ever single Fearless – pre-release, even! Yes boys and girls, until the release which I believe is slated for the beginning of June, this is the ONLY place you can hear that song!

We also have Greg Thompson from Askers Dodge, and THEIR single; and we have music from LeVent, i-Taki Maki and Unicat.

We also toss out the fact that the above-mentioned LeVent are playing at the Basement Bash that is in full effect on the 28th, ie Thursday this week at time of writing; and that it’s still 5€ on the Eventbrite early bird ticket sale, 10€ on the door, find it on the FB event page. Dig? Just a little forethought and you’re through the door for half price, I kid you not.

Check it out, enjoy, and hey, leave a comment huh? Help a guy out…

Also: are you a band/artist/doing something insanely interesting? Want to be featured on an upcoming Barbiche on Air with indieBerlin? Then get in touch on FB Messenger!