A greener Fete – a workshop on sustainable event organising

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It’s sobering to contemplate the death of the planet as we know it. Sobering to be told by all the experts there are that we are the last generation to be able to stop the rot, turn things around, and leave a good planet for Keith Richards to live on.

And with this spirit in mind, its refreshing to see leaders in various industries actually doing something. Suddenly the topic has our attention, and industry leaders are tabling very reasonable sounding ideas on how we can produce, consume and live sustainably.

And so too in the event branch. After all until very recently the ends of festivals were generally scenes of mayhem, with empty plastic beer glasses being the main culprit and generic food wrapping following hard on their heels.

Well, no more.

And with this end in mind, the FDLM team put together a workshop on the subject, invited all the stage organisers from the Fête 2019 and invited along a few experts to tell us what was what.







The stage operators* as well as Jacob Bilabel and Friedrich Bode from the Green Music Initiative and Birte Jung from the GRÜNEN LIGA Berlin will develop a plan on how we can organise and produce the party more sustainably in the coming years. The aim is to sensitize all participants to the topic of sustainability.

Practical recommendations for action should help to motivate all participants to act in an environmentally conscious manner at the Fête: Dear Stage Operators*, Organizers* and Artists*: Makes the Fête de la Musique greener with us!

On 21 May, we want to inform stage operators about green event management and develop strategies together with them.

In the run-up to this year’s Fête, there will be a workshop that will take up this topic and offer initial proposals for solutions. Together with Jacob Bilabel, Friedrich Bode, Birte Jung and you, we would like to set up indicators with which we can measure and improve sustainability at the Fête.

Stage operators* are cordially invited and invited to join in and contribute their ideas for the implementation of a greener party. Please note that the number of participants is unfortunately limited to 25. First come, first serve: please contact sanga@fetedelamusique.de. for more information.

Celebrate without stressing the environment – we talked to an expert about that

The landscape planner Birte Jung is the one who knows this field particularly well. She has worked in the field of sustainable urban development at the Berlin Institute for Creative Sustainability. For the GRÜNE LIGA Berlin, she has already developed a concept for low-waste street festivals and major events and advised event organisers* such as the Carnival of Cultures on waste management. Now, at the GRÜNEN LIGA Berlin, she is designing a guideline for the climate-neutral design of events. In her recently completed doctoral thesis, she also researched the sustainable use of public open spaces for events.

So it’s just the thing to ask where and how best to start planning a ‘green’ event:

an interview with Birte Jung

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