A latin despecho night with Macha y el Bloque Depresivo. Live at Festsaal Kreuzberg Review

by | indieBerlin

The day of the concert my friend was already home when I arrived. His girlfriend left him for a DJ. The cliche makes me sick. Beer helps. Toooooooøoo many make you outta place.

Beer (Depression 4,8%vol 0,5L)

The night was cold enough for breaths to be seen. We drank a beer (Depression 4,8%vol 0,5L) while the train took us there. The band started with a samba version of a song that goes something like 1,2,3,4

I live in a free country
which can only be free
In this land, in this instant
and I am happy because I am big.

Pequeña Serenata Diurna was composed by Silvio Rodriguez who was raised during the Cuban revolution. in 1969 Silvio was fired by the government from his TV show for talking about a Yankee band called The Beatles. He took a boat to Senegal and made 62 songs in 125 days.

without asking for anything
or almost nothing,
which is not equal
but is the same.

Bad planning.

The crowd was sitting on chairs arranged in the dance floor. Bad planning. We ended up dancing anyway, my friend on stage. Tooooooøo many.

The Chilean band played Latin Folk covers, this “Folk” meaning El Pueblo, El Barrio y La Gente. From Boleros to Mexican Norteña to Argentinian Punk. You know, Folk. What you hear in Down America on street corners.

My friend, a Downer too, was feeling it. Dramatic love songs with beautiful melodies, slowly performed to increase the felt mood.

Dramatic love songs with beautiful melodies, slowly performed to increase the sad mood.

No hay novedad by Los Cadetes de Linares (Leaded by mexican Lupe Tijerina who died by heart attack while on a stage in Argentina), A ballad called La Nave Del Olvido by José José and a Bolero By Fania’s La Lupe called Segun tu Punto De Vista finished in a punk song from Argentinian Band Sumo.

For you
the worst
is freedom.

I am surrounded by old vinegars
all around.


The leader of Sumo, Luca Prodan, was an Italian who ran away from Scotland because of his heroin addiction. Luca decided to go to Argentina because of a peaceful photograph he saw that was sent by a friend when he was in the Hospital (for Overdose). In Argentina he made one of the most important Argentinian bands off all times, singing in English in the Malvinas war times in Buenos Aires. Sumo.


The 9 musicians on stage were playing tribute to their influences and Latin music history. Some of this anthems were from previous bands the members had. Macha is also the leader of Chico Trujillo(and a producer of movie soundtracks), the band that created the song named Loca, an unforgettable hymn of the new cumbia. El Bloque played this song and the mood became happier, the crowd dancing and singing with smiles was easily separated from the others sitting down looking amazed by the energy reverberated from the band.

The 9 musicians on stage were playing tribute to their influences and latin music history.

The specter of feelings through the concert would range from crying out loud to crazy laughter and from suicidal thoughts to dancing the joy of life. My friend went on stage on the encore and gave a friendly hug to Macha. People dancing where there were no chairs. Latin faces brought back for their homes and foreigners taken to the Andes. El Bloque disappeared the same way happiness flies away or sadness fades or anger calms.

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