Acid Arab: Want to hear what snake-charmers on LSD would sound like? Win tickets here!

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Although originally from Paris, this DJ duo mixes the best of Western electronica with upbeat drums and voices from the East – incorporating artists from Egypt, Lebanon, Turkey, North Africa and Mumbai – this musical phenomenon is on its way to Berlin.
Guido Minisky and Hervé Carvalho create the driving force behind Acid Arab, with help from Pierrot
Casanova, Nicolas Borne and Kenzi Bouras, with grinding, deep beats, intense build-ups, and piercing, psychedelic, Arabic synth, this combo are adding something completely new to the dance scene.

There’s something about their tracks that are so enchanting and mesmerising, like La Hafla (“The Party”) from their 2016 album Musique de France, has snake-charmer elements along with so many layered beats incorporated into an Arabic, trance and acid house structure. The lyrics talk about a girl who does what she wants and rejects the man who loves her to remain free (we do love a bit of girl power on the dance floor!).




Having done collaborations and remixes with the big names of the East including Egyptian, Shaabi-style Omar Souleyman, Sadat, and Alaa50; Algerian Sofiane Saidi; Cam Yildiz from Turkey; A-MA, a Yemenite, 3-piece girl band and Syria’s “king of the keyboard” Rizan Said. The fantastic blending together of authentic Eastern sounds from various countries with their added dance, electronica flair gives you something totally new to get your feet moving.

Every piece they create is unique, making their collaboration with A-MA from Yemen, named Gul l’Abi, a new experience entirely, with haunting and echoing vocals from the band, with a trance, techno and house filled beat.



With all their experimental beats, these artists are bringing both East and West to the dancefloor to give you an acid-trip without the drugs.
Acid Arab is coming to Berlin on the 20th April at Club Gretchen and isn’t to be missed! If you want free, 1×2 tickets, try your chances at our raffle by emailing win(@)!
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