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The Berlin-based singer Joe James Boyle is about to release his brand new album, “Nights have no Meaning in this Game”, tomorrow.

Born in London, Joe James Boyle moved in Berlin in 2013. He started as a street performer and now, six years of work and inspiration after, he releases his first album. Let’s lay one’s cards on the table from the beginning: it’s a pretty somber album.

Nights have no Meaning in this Game” is a nine songs album. You can from now on listen to “Twins” or “Strange Nights in Hive Town” to get a taste of what’s coming. The album depicts the story of someone lost in the modern world, lonely. It’s a search for meaning, an attempt to “make sense of the chaos that engulf us all”.

Twins” is at the border between pop and rock, with a quite rousing refrain. The lyrics are about love and despair, and, along with a psychedelic soundtrack, it creates a pretty dark love song. Now, I personally liked both songs, but if I’m being totally honest, I have a quick preference for “Strange Nights in Hive Town”. It’s different from the rest of the album, calmer and more hopeful. JJB’s voice is in the front row and the singer goes from singing parts to more “talked” parts which creates a more intimate song.

Coming back to the album itself, it’s a huge mix of a lot of things. A mix of inspirations: you’ll hear some notes of David Bowie Berlin-era, Rolling Stones or Bob Dylan for example. A mix of music genres: you’ll also go from pop, to rock, to psychedelic passing through post-punk. And finally, the lyrics and messages change from one song to the other. The whole album is more about chaos and a general lack of meaning, but then, the last song of the album, “Strange Nights in Hive Town” is a kind of “calm after the storm” song. It’s here to finish on an optimistic hit, a kind of “don’t worry” reminder: as one once said, there’s always light at the end of the tunnel.

I really encourage you to listen to this album when it’s out. It’s not the happiest album but it’s really worth it.

You can follow Joe James Boyle on instagram, youtube and facebook.

Photo credit: Laura Cherrygrove


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